CI Convert

  • Convert and Stitch TileScans from Leica LIF to Aperio SVS/BigTiff format.
  • Convert Large Stitched (Merged TileScans) images from Leica LIF to Aperio SVS format.
  • Convert image files to Leica LIF Format. Multichannel images in 2D, 3D and time are supported.
  • Convert OME-TIFF files in (sub)folders to Leica LIF.
  • Convert ImageXpress TimePoint_1 to Leica LIF.

This program uses the Matlab Runtime 2021b , the installer wil download the Matlab Runtime automatically, the zipfile contains the CIConvert executable only, so you have to install the Matlab Runtime yourself.

Download Version 7.0  CIConvertInstaller70.exe or
– Removed Convert Operetta Scans to Leica LIF
– Added Convert to LIF for Pico RawFiles/ExportFiles  (TimePoint_1 only). Use ‘experimentPlaceHolderExport.db’ for ExportFolders.

Download Version 6.1:  CIConvertInstaller61.exe or
– Added option for separate LIF files (default is now combining into one LIF file)
– Change to Layout

Download Version 6.0:  CIConvertInstaller60.exe or
– Reduced Memory use (but is still high)
– Change Layout
– Added Preview
– Removed Conversion of ImageXpress (Pico) files (if needed use version 4.1)
– Fixed a lot of bugs


Download Version 4.1:  CIConvertInstaller41.exe or
– Added Conversion of ImageXpress (Pico) files
– Fixed some bugs

Download Version 3.2:  CIConvertInstaller32.exe or
– Added Stitching (based on MIST)
– Added Shading Correction during Stitching (Only for RGB images, typical histology slides)
– Fixed some bugs

Version 3.1
– Initial release


This program uses BIO-FORMATS for importing image files.
BIO-FORMATS: DOI: 10.1083/jcb.201004104 PMID: 20513764 PMCID: PMC2878938

You can redistribute it under the terms of the GNU General Public License.